Saturday, September 19, 2009

Graduation and more

So the July term ended this week for ELS. We had a brunch at a farm nearby. It was a really beautiful place with big windows overlooking the vineyard with the mountains as a backdrop. Here is a picture of the graduating Level 4 class and one of me with one of the teachers and some of the Level 4 students - my dear friends who I will miss so much!

Now I have a week to rest a little before the next term. I'm looking forward to sleeping in and not having to deal with people and their problems all day long! (Although that's a little hard to do when you live on the base). Yesterday, I got away though and went to Cape Point with my friends. It was such a perfectly beautiful day.

My friend Boram's friend who works in Starbucks in Korea sent me some coffee today! It smells like home. That makes me happy :)

Today one of our staff and a former teacher are getting married. I need to get dressed...

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