Wednesday, July 29, 2009

July Update

If you can read this letter, you are blessed because it means that you can understand English, the international language of communication. I was thinking today how blessed I was to grow up in America and to know English. And I wondered to myself if Korean was the international language, would I pack up and move to Korea to learn Korean? I don’t think I would be that brave. But that is what I so admire about my students. So many of them have given up their careers, left their family and friends, and moved to another country and a new culture where many of them can’t even as much as say, “My name is Bob.” One couple told me how when they arrived at the Johannesburg airport, they had to pay a baggage fine, but couldn’t understand anything. All they could say again and again was, “I don’t speak English” and “I don’t have money,” so finally the flight attendant gave up and let them through with only paying a few Rand. It’s a funny story, but just a tiny example of what these students undertake in coming here to learn English. They have risked everything for what God has called them to do. They really are heroes!

I have been very blessed because the transition into becoming the school leader has been very smooth thanks to the support of my staff and students who intercede for me daily. Thank you for all your prayers as well. It is amazing to see God answering prayers every day and always just in time. One of the things I was trusting God for was a new teacher, and the afternoon before the first day of classes, a man walked into the office and said, “I heard you’re looking for teachers.” Isn’t God amazing?!

Here's a pic of all our staff and students this term:

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