Friday, July 10, 2009

I survived!

I survived my first week as school leader of the ELS. It was mostly uneventful. The first two nights I didn't sleep. It's terrible to wake up in the middle of the night thinking about work and feeling overwhelmed by responsibilities. Somehow the tiniest problems, which seem perfectly solvable in daylight, seem absolutely enormous and insurmountable when you are alone with your thoughts in the middle of the night. But I'm learning to give all my anxieties over to God and relax and enjoy it. It has been so amazing to see how as I've trusted him with various problems and needs He has really come through for me every time.

One of the lessons I'm learning is how to set boundaries. After receiving several people with work questions in my room in my pajamas during my holiday, a sign has been posted on my door which reads, "This is NOT ELS office. If you are dying, call my cell or wait until Monday." I'm also learning how to say "no." I don't like to say "no" to people. I like to make people happy - don't we all? Before I was the school leader I could just say "no" and under the name of the former school leader, Ann. For example: "Ann says you can't do that" or "I talked to Ann and unfortunately she says no" or "Ann told me to tell you the answer is no." That just sounds so much better than, "Well, I thought about it and the answer is no" or "I can't allow you to do that" or "I'm sorry, I just don't want to."

Anyways, I'm learning a lot, and I'm thanking the Lord for friends and staff who love me and hold me up through it all.

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