Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy highlights

I had a strange moment today when I was at the coffee shop. I was enjoying my usual bran muffin and cup of coffee when I glanced at the table beside me where two 80 year old ladies were staring at me as they buttered their bran muffin and sipped their cup of coffee too. I think I’m turning into an old lady! I need some adventure in my life.

Are my blog postings always depressing? Anyways, here are some of the happy highlights of the last month or so.

Our April term finished in June, and we celebrated with our usual graduation brunch. Here is a pic of me with my class. This class was such a blast to teach. The two married men kept us laughing so much with all their stories and jokes. I think I learned more about marriage and love and “baby making” than I ever cared to know. It was hilarious. The two of them were determined to find me a boyfriend by the end of the term, but failed. So usually the class says something to honor the teacher at the brunch. Instead, my students advertised for a boyfriend for me.

My two class clowns, literally, on outreach at the farm school.

After graduation and a long day of staff meetings, I set off with some staff and friends for a week at the beach. We were so blessed to stay in this incredible house right on the beach in this exclusive gated community called Vleesbaai. Ann knew the owners who let us stay there for three nights. It was amazing! My friend Yun Jeong and I stayed in the front room which we called “the honeymoon bed”, haha! We woke up with this fantastic view of the sun coming up over the water. Wow. It was so wonderful just walking and talking with God on the beach. I really needed that. And...I saw a whale!

After two days in Vleesbaai, we went to Jeffrey’s Bay, a little surfing town on the coast. There is a YWAM base there, and we stayed in the guest house which couldn’t really compare with Vleesbaai but was still really nice. We spent the days out shopping (there are a few factory stores in the town) and eating out. The house had a fire place, and we had the great idea to buy firewood and start a fire. So a stranger gave us a ride to the nearest grocery store which happened to be 4 miles away (we didn’t know) and we walked all the way back in the rain with two bags of firewood! But it was worth it that night when the wind was howling outside and we were curled up by the fire roasting marshmallows and talking and reading by the firelight. I’ve never enjoyed a fire so much!

I also enjoyed a weekend in Cape Town with my best friends.

So now I’m back in Worcester. I spent three full days cleaning and organizing in the ELS. The July term starts on Monday and the new students are already arriving.

I just got back from walking to the post office in town to fetch a package and somewhere between there and here I think I lost 10 dollars, which is like four cups of coffee AND muffins at the mall or two pizzas or three trips to the cinema or a new shirt – oh well, must have fallen out of my pocket. That stinks! But, I am choosing to look at the bright side – I got a wonderful package from my mommy and, hey, at least I wasn’t mugged!

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