Sunday, April 19, 2009

The American Eagle Miracle

I have a confession. I miss shopping at American Eagle. The quality and style of South African clothing is bitterly disappointing, especially in teeny tiny Worcester. And I know it sounds pathetic, but Saturday morning I was missing American Eagle - I love that store! So I was browsing the AE website, checking out what's in style this summer and wishing, no "pining" is a better word, for some new American clothes.

Then yesterday evening, I pulled out my box of winter clothes to find something to wear out because it is starting to turn a little cold here, when suddenly I found a brand new long-sleeved American Eagle shirt with the tags still on it! I couldn't even remember buying it, but there it was! Maybe it sounds a little silly and small, but it really made my day. My friends said it was God's special blessing for me. It was such an encouraging reminder that if God cares enough to satisfy such a tiny little pathetic want of mine like an American Eagle shirt how much less the big things and the desires of my heart. I love Him!

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