Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The end is in sight...

Finally! I am almost done with this term. The director returned today, and after three weeks of leading the school plus teaching full time I am more than ready to hand all the responsibility back over to her.

The three weeks of leading were difficult - lots of problems and lots of decisions. Let's just say I didn't win any popularity contests. But the school didn't fall apart. In the end, I probably improved a few things, messed up a few things, made a few people hate me and a few people like me a little better, and I learned A LOT! It is not fun to have to make decisions when you know it will make people like you less, but God reminded me today that the important thing is not whether people like you but whether or not I am obedient to Him.

Last week we had our final outreach at the farm school. It is always so encouraging to see the students reaching out there and to see the impact they have on the school. That's when they are in their element, doing what they really love, and what God has called them too - missions. They really are amazing! (See my facebook for pictures).

Tomorrow is graduation. I am so happy. I am really immensely proud of my class this term. They were excellent students. It is sad to see people go, and since Saturday I have been so terribly homesick - you can't even imagine. It is weird how homesickness just kind of sneaks up on you out of no where. Saturday I ran out of internet time (we can't buy new time until Mondays) and I couldn't even call my family. So Sunday night I decided just to call them on my cell anyways - bad decision. Ten minutes later, I wasn't just homesick anymore. I was homesick AND poor :(

My good friend Beth who was my student from last term and running partner is leaving today and I miss her already. I think when she leaves I will be lonely AND lazy. She got me into running and exercising again which has been such a blessing in my life. Plus she is such a good friend.

It is strange to be ending a term and not going anywhere when everyone else is leaving. All those things plus the fact that "Aunt" at home is very sick and my sister is moving to Poland have added up to make me feel very far from home and very much alone. Keeping busy helps.

And...to end on a happy note...my dad is coming next week! He is speaking in Zambia and Cape Town and making time to spend the holiday with me in Cape Town. I'm so excited!

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