Monday, February 9, 2009


I am inspired to teach this week. Last week, I had two opportunities to pray for and encourage my students! One opened up and shared some of her struggles in the middle of a tutoring session and another came to me outside of class to ask about the Holy Spirit. God has really be reminding me that teaching is about so much more than just the English - it's about the character and calling of each of these individuals He has divinely placed in my life for this season. I am inspired.

I have also been reading "The Thread That Runs So True" by Jesse Stuart about his teaching experiences in rural Kentucky. This is an excerpt from it:

“I thought if every teacher in every school in America – rural, village, city, township, church, public, or private – could inspire his pupils with all the power he had, if he could teach them as they had never been taught before to live, to work, to play, and to share, if he could put ambition into their brains and hearts, that would be a great way to make a generation of the greatest citizenry America had ever had. All of this had to begin with the little unit. Each teacher had to do his share. Each teacher was responsible for the destiny of America, because the pupils came under his influence. The teacher held the destiny of a great country in his hand as no member of any other profession could hold it. All other professions stemmed form the products of his profession.

Within this great profession, I thought, lay the solution of most of the cities’, counties’, states’, and the nation’s troubles. It was within the teacher’s province to solve most of these things. He could put inspiration in the hearts and brains of his pupils to do great things upon this earth. The schoolroom was the gateway to all the problems of humanity. It was the gateway to the correcting of evils. It was the gateway to inspire the nation’s succeeding generations to greater and more beautiful living with each other; to happiness, to health, to brotherhood, to everything!

I thought these things as I walked in the somber autumn beside this river and watched the leaves fall from the tall bankside trees to the blue swirling water. And I believed deep in my heart that I was a member of the greatest profession of mankind, even if I couldn’t make as much salary shaping the destinies of fourteen future citizens of America as I could if I were a blacksmith with little education at the Auckland Steel Mills.”

What a privilege to be a member of "the greatest profession of mankind"! Even though I don't get a salary at all, it is still worth it just to be a part of shaping the lives and destinies of these students.

Like I said, I am inspired.

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