Friday, December 5, 2008

Visa Madness

Before I get into the frustrating, annoying part of the blog, let me give some happy news. After being miserably homesick all weekend, my homesickness has happily turned into excited anticipation with the thought that this time next week I'll be with my family.

Today though I missed America. This week I realized that I need to apply for a different type of visa to be able to stay here next year. So yesterday I quickly ran (and I mean that literally) to the doctor to get my forms and to get an x-ray (by the way, they actually give you the x-ray here which is pretty cool, I think). Then today, we drove over the mountain to Paarl to the immigration office to apply for the visa. Four hours later, we left empty-handed. After talking in circles with the official for two hours, when he finally accused me of "making stories", it was all I could do not to scream, "Do you really think I gave up an entire day, hired a vehicle, drove all the way here and stood in line for two hours only to make stories?!" And that was when I realized that I am definitely still in Africa and I suddenly desperately missed America.

Please pray for favor with my visa which I'm going to try to apply for in the states while I'm home! This time next week, I'll be blogging from my parents' sofa and sipping sweet iced tea (I don't care how cold it is!). I can't wait!

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