Saturday, November 15, 2008

Rain and Snow

It has rained so much this week here in Worcester. By Virginia standards, it's not a lot, but here it is a lot and it is out of season which means there is lots of flooding and schools are canceled. On my way to the mall yesterday, I found a whole group of colored children gathered around the little stream beside the mall which has turned into quite a big waterway. They were catching fish with their bare hands! I saw a few running off with their prizes. It was quite a site and a reminder of the fact that I am still in Africa.

South Africa is such a strange mix of cultures. It's kind of like Australia meets Africa. Many days, I feel like I could be living in a little country town in America, but then there are some things that just don't fit, like the fact that people go to the mall barefoot or the fact that my friends get mugged outside our front gate or the fact that all the white houses have fences and gates or the fact that you can't find simple staples like chocolate chips and canned pumpkin at the grocery store.

Speaking of pumpkin, Thanksgiving is coming up and I wanted at least to make a pumpkin pie to celebrate, but they don't have canned pumpkin anywhere! I thought pumpkin was a standard ingredient. I mean, I even found canned pumpkin in Cairo of all places!

During my unsuccessful search for pumpkin in the store today, I heard Christmas music for the first time. Somehow it just doesn't feel quite right singing "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas" when you're wearing a tank top and shorts. I thought, "You better keep on dreaming." Haha. I'm glad I'm going home for Christmas.

This was a tough week of teaching. It is difficult sometimes to have to live and work at the same place. I see my students all day every day, and they are both my students and my friends which can be both wonderful and complicated. It is good for me though and I feel God stretching and challenging me in new ways which is always good. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to four weeks at home and I'm definitely dreaming of a white Christmas.

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