Friday, November 21, 2008

20 days and counting

So before I start my real blog, I just have to say that I can’t understand how the economy keeps getting worse and yet the dollar keeps getting stronger and stronger against the South African rand. In the back of my head I know my meager investments are steadily disappearing (yes, I have investments - I thought I would do the responsible thing and save whatever extra money I have for plane tickets and other big expenses, but right now I'm kind of regretting it), but every time I go to the ATM I keep getting more and more rands for less and less dollars and that still makes me happy.

So now onto the rest of my life. This week we had a few hundred extra people on the base for a program called Nations 2 Nations where all the DTS’s from around South Africa gather together for teaching, building unity, and celebrating what God is doing in and through the nations. There were over 50 nations represented here – amazing! Every night we had extra meetings which were really good, and I was very challenged and encouraged. I especially loved the worship times. The base leader from YWAM Jeffrey’s Bay is a really anointed worship leader. It was so good. Also, it was fun to reconnect with some friends from Tanzania.

On Wednesday, we had a bit of a shock in the ELS, when one of our combis with 8 students out on our weekly outreach was involved in a serious accident when the gear got stuck. It was really traumatic for everyone involved and especially the driver. The combi collided with two motorcycles. The one cyclist flew up in the air and landed nearby but miraculously only has a few broken bones. None of our students were seriously injured, and the police decided not to open a case on it which was a huge blessing as it could have caused difficulties for the driver who is Brazilian. The last two days, we have been helping the students debrief and the whole school recover from the shock of the accident. The day before the accident, one of our students felt impressed by God to intercede all day. That same morning of the accident someone from town was murdered in the lake beside the base. We are so immensely grateful to God that we were covered in prayer all day and that he was watching over us.

That’s what’s happening with ELS. There’s never a slow day. I am now officially counting down the days till I come home (thanks to one of those countdown gadgets on windows vista - i love it!). I love working here. I feel so loved and I will be really excited to come back in January, but there really is no place like home.

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