Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The long, long night

My birthday in town was a lot of fun. Thank you everyone for all the cards and notes! I felt very loved :) On Saturday, we had another youth camp which went really well. And that afternoon I got to talk to the fam which was wonderful.

That night as I was getting into bed, I was thinking what a good weekend I had had. As I lit the candle beside my bed, I noticed a few ants nearby. I looked up and found both the walls around my bed, swarming with ants! After calling for Adynice, I grabbed my can of Doom (insect killer). Not thinking that an aerosol can and candles could be a bad combination, I pressed down on the nozzle. There was a ball of fire and a second later, I was rid of the ants (which were now hundreds of little charred pieces on my wall) and left with a gaping hole in my mosquito net.

A little stunned, but thankful to have solved the ant problem, I climbed into bed and tried to fall asleep. At 2:30am, I was awakened by a *crash*. Turning on my flashlight, I found that a rat was caught in the trap we had set beside my bed but was not yet dead. I turned over in bed and prayed that it would die quickly. It didn't. As I later discovered, only it's tail was caught, and I spent the next three hours listening to its pathetic cries and attempts to free itself. Around 5:30, it quieted down and I, thinking it had finally dioed, drifted off to sleep. When I got up in the morning, the poor thing was still alive! I got one of the boys to come and dispose of it. I have since resolvede never to set another rat trap.

A new volunteer from Germany arrived this week. It has been fun having a new face around. Preschool started up again. I have been teaching the KG 1 class without the help of Peninah, which has forced me to learn a lot of new Swahili fast. Most useful phrase: "Kete chini!" "Sit down!" The cost of sending a child to our preschool is the equivilent of about $1.20 a month, but many of the families have dificulty paying that. Please pray for them.

In other news, we had a lot of doctor visits this week. Three of the kids had to go to the doctor. One to have a tooth removed after biting down on a rock in the rice. Another for pneumonia, and the other for a soccer injury. Then on Monday, Adynice was bitten by a snake in the doorway of my classroom at the preschool. We rushed her to the hospital but she was OK. Please pray for all of them though.

I'm in town today to pick up my grandparents - yay! We're gonna stay a few nights in a nice hotel here. I can't even tell you how much I'm looking forward to my first shower in almost three months!

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