Tuesday, August 5, 2008

"Watch out for elephants!"

I bet your mom never told you that when you left for school in the
morning. We live near a reserve and the elephants are invading the
village shambas. Since the kids leave for school when it's still dark
we're a little afraid that they might enounter some on the way.

Today was my day to cook tea for breakfast. I built the fire and
everything all by myself! I'm so proud!

Seen lots of snakes and scorpions, but no safari ants this time.
Praise the Lord! Thigs are going well. Spoke at the youth camp last
week. Tutoring the kids at night. Getting ready for the wedding.

Am really getting tired of East African food though. Been eating a lot
of passion fruit. I usually go pick them near the preschool, but
Sunday we saw a crocodile over there. Don't think I'll be picking
passion fruit there anymore!

Sorry this is so disjointed. I'm in a hurry.

Will update again when I get a chance! Love to you all!

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