Friday, June 27, 2008

Moving On

My child, I’ve often heard you question,and this message is my answer. Hear Me well:

You’re concerned about the hungry world, the millions who are starving, and you ask,
“What can only one do?”

Feed one.

You grieve for all the unborn, children murdered,every day…and you ask, “What can only one do?”

Save one.

You’re haunted by the homeless souls who wander city streets…and you ask, “What can only one do?”

Shelter one.

You weep for those who suffer pain, disease and hopelessness...and you ask, “What can only one do?”

Comfort one

Your heart aches for the lonely. the imprisoned, the abused...and you ask, “What can only one do?’

Love one

Remember this my Child...two thousand years ago, the world was filled, just as it is today, with those in need...and when the helpless and the hopeless cried out to me for mercy,

I sent a Saviour.

Hope Began...With Only One

*B. J. Hoff

This poem was read at my send-off today. I was in tears.

Today, I graduated the ELS class. We had a big celebration complete with music and dancing and food and gifts. It was quite the party, and then quite a send-off for me. I feel very blessed. The best part was having mom here to enjoy it all with me. I am already missing my students though.

In the morning, we're off to Zanzibar! I have been furiously packing today whenever I wasn't getting ready for graduation. I cannot even tell you how excited I am for a vacation!

Check out my facebook for pics.

I will be back in Mombasa next Saturday.

P.S. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who sent things with mom! I haven't even had a chance to read all the cards and everything. Mom just keeps pulling out more surprises. It feels like Christmas!

P.P.S. A couple people sent me those Hallmark cards that sing songs. I showed them to my class today and they just couldn't get over how a card could play music! Crazy!

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Cheri said...

congratulations Emily! you did it!! well done. not an easy school, but you persevered and I'm sure have impacted all those students for the rest of their lives. you deserve a gold star. :-) Enjoy Zanzibar with your mom. Hope you find really good chocolate cake there too! wink :-)

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