Thursday, May 1, 2008

Some ups, some downs

Where do I begin? The last few weeks have been a rollercoaster ride for me. There’s been a lot of lows but also a few highs.

Two weeks ago, there was a violent robbery at our base in the middle of the night that left two people badly injured. It was a really difficult time for all of us. On top of the trauma and fear that we were dealing with, all of our money was stolen, so we were forced to stand in faith for God to provide. And he has! People around the world have sent their prayers and support to us which has been really encouraging.

Following that and another incident on the base, my best friend here, Megan, decided to go back to America. That was really difficult for me because we had become really close in the few weeks that she was here. I was really struggling after that, but the Koreans on the base have really taken me in and taken care of me and encouraged me. My Korean pastor, who I call “Moksanim” (sp? – Korean for pastor), told me the other day, “These days, Emily, you are almost Korean.” Haha. Seriously, I’ve eaten more Korean food since I’ve been here than ever before in my life! It’s been a real blessing to my stomach which can only handle so much African food.

One of the highs was getting to go on a safari last week. Moksanim organized a safari for me and some others at Ngorogoro crater. It was amazing! We saw almost every kind of animal including a lion which crossed right in front of our car! Check out my facebook for more pictures.

Other than that, classes are still going on. Some students are really excelling and others are struggling. Last week, we had our first test. Some of the students had never even seen a test like that before and had absolutely no idea what do with a simple fill in the blank exercise. I am learning that tests are a really big deal in this culture. Some of the students just choked up and didn’t write anything or even ask for help even though it was all simple stuff that they knew. I’m going to need to find alternative ways to assess them. Some of them need instruction on even simple things like how to take notes in a notebook and how to do exercises in a workbook. It can be a little overwhelming at times.

Although all the preparation and stress is really draining, I still love class times. We laugh so much and have such a fun time! Here is a picture of my students praying for me during our Friday morning worship time. The Korean students were leading and had everyone gather around and pray for me. What a blessing!

Thank you so much for all your prayers. Please keep it up! I need them more than ever. On the outside, it might look like I’m the courageous African missionary, but really I’m not brave at all, just obedient. So please pray for me – for encouragement, for safety, and for health. Even though it takes me a long time to respond, I read all your emails and letters and pray for you. Love you all!

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Ben Beliles said...

Hey Em,
Could you post a little more often here so we can read and know what's going on?
Maybe it's hard to post, so I understand, but do it every week or so, and that would be great!
Grace will be here in like 4 days, so I'm pumped. I have about 7 days off of the 12 days she's here. So God has just orchestrated that. Carrie and I have had a great Mother's Day. I got her a nice massage with her favorite massage person (don't know how to spell that french word), and we had an awesome champagne brunch at the Hilton buffet.
Thinking of you!

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