Saturday, April 5, 2008

Back to Arusha

So I am back in Arusha. My trip here was eventful, but miraculously I and my luggage arrived safely. And I learned a few lessons in the process.

The morning after I arrived, I was handed three very disorganized boxes with the materials from the last teachers and a list of the 21 students who have signed up for the ELS. Classes start on Tuesday, so I have two days more to set up the classroom, create a syllabus, locate materials, and whatever else I need to do to prepare.

The electricity has been off all day which means I can't do any work on the computer or after dark. In the meantime, I have been entertaining myself with my new World Band radio. Today, I was listening to a station in Australia while I was working - I love this thing!

It is rainy season here, and the rainfall clogs up our water supply which means we often go for days without water. I haven't showered for a few days now and my hair is nasty. I may have to resort to an icy cold bucket bath...but classes don't start till Tuesday, so I figure I have two more days before I get that desperate. Welcome to Africa.

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