Saturday, March 1, 2008


Today is Saturday, and on Saturdays I almost always get a little homesick. I guess it’s because I know exactly what will happen on Saturday mornings at home. Grace will sleep in late and then get up and watch the Smallville episode she recorded on Thursday night. Mom will go for a jog and then come home to cook scrambled eggs and maybe do some yard work. Dad will grind his coffee and then settle down in front of the newspaper. Grandma will stop by to visit and take the dogs next door. Grandpa will go for a run and then drive downtown to pick up the Sunday morning bulletin and honk his horn as he goes by. It’s all very predictable and sometimes I wish I could be home again just for a Saturday morning.

I am amazed that I haven't actually been homesick at all since I’ve been here – I’ve just been enjoying it so much! But this morning for the first time, I was missing home. Whenever I get that way, I am tempted to just lie in bed and listen to depressing music and think about home and how lonely I am, but I am always reminded of a quote by Elisabeth Elliot talking about how she got through the loss of her husband on the mission field. She said simply, “Just do the next thing.” And so that’s what I do. I take a shower. I do my laundry. I grade homework. I go to the store. And today in the midst of it all, God spoke to me saying, “This - giving me your loneliness and your sadness and keeping-on going in spite of it - is your offering to me.” Perhaps that sounds quite pathetic to you, especially considering I haven't in fact lost a family member or anything like that. But for me here, today, it gave me the encouragement to keep going, knowing that God knows and He receives it all as a pleasing sacrifice to Him. Isn’t He so good?

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