Saturday, February 23, 2008

Rolling Red Wagons

This week my students had their second big test. I felt like a real teacher marking their tests with my red pen! I have been trying to improve their pronunciation, as they invariably mix up their "r" and "l" sounds. Tongue twisters are great for this and gradually "lowling led ragons" is starting to sound a bit more like "rolling red wagons." We have a lot of fun in class anyway and we laugh a whole lot - hopefully they are learning a few things too.

I would post a picture of my class here, but sadly my camera broke. The kids in Kenya liked to carry it for me when we were walking, and, to my dismay, one of them accidentally sat on it one day putting a giant crack down the middle of the screen. It still worked though and I was hoping it would last me another year in Africa, but it decided not to. I will try to get some pictures from a friends' camera and put them up as soon as I can though!

While my students are getting accustomed to my American accent, I am still trying to tackle the Afrikaans accent. There is an Afrikaans woman staying on my hall, who likes to make conversation with me every morning. Although she is speaking English I can only understand about 50% of what she says. So, like my students, after asking her to repeat it a couple times I nod politely and mutter "oh" or "uh, huh". I think she's beginning to think I'm a little crazy.

Last night, I went out with a couple friends to an olive farm nearby. Apparently the climate here is great for olives and grapes. A friend treated me to a really nice dinner. We had communion together and watched the sun go down over the beautiful mountains turning them incredible shades of red. A little bit later the full moon rose behind them. It was spectacular. I think I could live here.

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