Thursday, November 1, 2007


Hi from Mombasa! I came into town for two days to get a little break and check email, so I thought I'd update you real quick.

Yes, I am alive! I am living in the "bush, bush" as they call it. To be honest, some days I absolutely love it here and some days it's really hard. It takes an hour by car over rutted-out dirt roads to get to the nearest town and three hours to get into Mombasa where I am now. (And there aren't any vehicles on the compound, so we have to hire a taxi to come get us or walk to the nearest town and catch a matatu). So I won't be able to update this nearly as much as I thought. I've snail-mailed some posts to Grace though, so those should be up soon.

There is no running water on the base, we collect rain water and have bucket baths and squatty potties. There is solar power that we turn on at night (it gets dark around six here). The weather is nice - not too hot like it is in Mombasa. It's been raining a lot lately which means lot of Safari ants. Here in the hills, there's lots of grassy land and also lots of coconut, mango, cashew and papaya trees everywhere. It's simply beautiful.

I am absolutely falling in love with the kids here though. To hear their stories will make you cry. Just being here in Mombasa, I already miss them! And Ray of Hope is planning on getting six more orphans by December - I'm really excited! We're looking into getting two or three Massai (sp?) orphans as well as local village orphans.

The village church service is definitely the highlight of my week! There is drumming and dancing and singing. I love it! It is so awesome to worship with them, even if I don't understand any of it - you can still feel the presence of God there.

Thanks for all your prayers! I've been healthy, safe, and have a friend my age from Virginia!

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Hwa-Jung said...

I just want to cry just reading about your life there. It seems so beautiful and so challenging at the same time. Such a God type of thing. The worship service sound awesome. I wish I could come to visit you one day!

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