Friday, November 16, 2007

From Auntie Em :)

So, I'm sitting in an internet cafe in Mombasa and looking at pictures of my beautiful baby niece and crying. She is so beautiful!

My friend Sarah had to pick up a package, so we decided to come into town today. We woke up at 5:00 am and walked for an hour and a half to Mwema to catch the public transport. We couldn't call our usual taxi driver because there was some kind of a misunderstanding last time he came. Rumors started and now the villagers have threatened to burn him if he comes back again. So we've been trying to clear up the rumors and the mean time, we have to take the public transport. It's called a matatu (a van converted into a bus). There were 21 of us in it for the ride to Ukunda today. Anyways, it was good to come into town. I got ice cream which tasted amazing! I've been craving some dairy food. Right now there's some rioting in the streets outside because of the political situation here, and we just passed a man being stoned to death on the sidewalk. Life is all together too crazy here sometimes.

It's been a busy week. Last weekend we had the youth camp and feeding program that we do once a month for the village kids. Three children gave their life to the Lord! That was exciting! There was a team visiting from Atlanta here last week. It was encouraging and fun to get to fellowship with them. I've been spending a lot of time painting. We're working on fixing up two buildings on the property to become operational clinics for the village in the near future. It's a lot of work. On Monday, me and some of the boys went into one of the buildings to chase out all the bats who had made their home inside before we started painting. We were running around with sticks and hitting them out of the air. I wish I could have had that on video camera! Then all the bat poop had to be cleaned out so we could start painting - ewww!

On Sunday, we found out that the brother of one of the girls here at ROH was brutally killed in an act of mob justice. We had to inform her and the kids. Please keep them in your prayers. For many of them, it brings back painful memories and nightmares. They've been through a lot.

I got mail today! Thanks so much for all the cards and the notes! People here think I must be really popular back home ;)

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Anonymous said...


We're so proud of you! We pray and think of you often. We know you're making a big difference in those kids lives. More than you might know!

We're also thrilled about beautiful baby Faith :)


The Perezes

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