Saturday, October 13, 2007

Humidity and Humility

So I am here safe and sound! And my luggage made it alright too, which is good. Last night we got in late and stayed in "luxury" beach front apartments in Mombasa which John got for us.

It is SO humid here! I knew it would be hot, but I didn't anticipate the humidity like this. I took a shower this morning and was sweating again just getting dressed! We drove into Mombasa at night in the dark, so I didn't really get to see where we were. It was a long day and I was laying in bed last night just thinking how much I didn't like it here already and thinking "God, why did you bring me here?" Then this morning I woke up to the sun was shinging in through the window just drenching my bed in the beautiful light. And God reminded me of one of my favorite verses, "Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, because I have put my trust in you." (I can't remember where it is). Well, after a good night's sleep, I am realizing how much I love it here! The ocean is beautiful and there are exotic flowers everywhere - it's amazing! I had to spend a bit of time this morning humbling myself before God and asking forgiveness for all the complaining last night. His Love is unfailing and amazing.

That's all for now. We are headed out to Shimba Hills where the base is this afternoon. It takes about an hour to get there because we have to catch a fairy (sp?). Shimba Hills is in the "bush, bush" as they call it.

Oh, I almost forgot - I had an amazing answer to prayer! I found out on the way here yesterday that another girl my age from Richmond is coming to stay till December also! We met her in Amsterdam and travelled here together. I am so excited to have a friend! Yay! Thanks for all the prayers about that!


the Messimers said...

So glad you are there!!! I knew you'd never let a bit of culture shock keep you down! We enjoy the great updates and are praying for you! Love the Messimers

Hwa-Jung said...

It's so amazimg how God answers prayers! I am so glad that you have a person your age in Kenya with you. Hope that you are well and God is continuing to show Himself faithful to You.

bekah said...

Hi! I am praying for you...I understand how it feels to suddenly be in an entirely different culture all of the sudden--a bit weird! But God's gonna bless your ministry and also strengthen you for this season...and minister to your heart in ways that you don't even foresee! Bless you, Emily.

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